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Info from the last HOA Newsletter:

- Overflow Parking - Not for vehicle storage
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- Plano's Fix It website - Get those crumbled curbs fixed by the city at no cost to you
- Trash Cans and Bulk Removal - $100 fine for leaving cans in plain site
- First Tuesday of each month is the only regularly scheduled day for bulk trash pickup. Call the city for additional service.
- HOA Common Areas - Do not dump trash and yard refuse over your fence into the neighborhood common areas! Use the city curbside pickup to avoid costing the HOA (and YOU) money!

Winter Watering Through March 31 - Once a Week

Landscape watering with sprinklers is currently permitted once a week on designated days through March 31st. Watering from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is still prohibited.

Odd Addresses: Every Tuesday and Friday

Even Addresses: Ever Monday and Thursday

Click Here for more info about out city's water system, water conservation tips, rebate programs, watering guidelines, watering calendar, violation reporting webpage, and more! Help protect our water sources and avoid mandatory water restrictions.

Water Tips

     What's your Water IQ?

How much do you know about your water and how to save it? Take this quiz from the North Texas Municipal Water District and see if you are a "Water Genius".

        o Take the Water IQ quiz here.

     Water Conservation Rebate

Did you know the City offers residents rebates for installing eligible water conservation items in their homes? Rebates are offered for the following water conservation items:
        o Rain/Freeze Sensors
        o High efficiency toilets
For more information on the Water Conservation Rebate Program and program guidelines click here.

Find more information on city programs, facilities and services please visit our website at Thank you for your ongoing partnership and remember we are In It Together- Water Smart Plano.

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